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Consumers are individuals, households, organisations, institutions, resellers and governments that purchase the products offered by other organisations. Higher levels in a food pyramid; consist of primary consumers, which feed on the producers, and secondary consumers, which feed on the primary consumers. In economics, consumers are individuals or households that "consume" goods and services generated within the economy. Since this includes just about everyone, the term is a political term as much as an economic term when it is used in everyday speech. Typically when businesspeople and economists talk of "consumers" they are talking about person-as-consumer, an aggregated commodity item with little individuality other than that expressed in the buy/not buy decision.
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Dog Breeder Directory - Puppies For Sale, Dogs, Dog Breeders - Dog Breeder Directory is a large directory of purebred dog breeders. View hundreds of AKC and CKC dog breeds with pictures and descriptions of puppies and dogs for sale.

pennyphone: extremely cheap calls abroad
Enjoy the cheapest calls from the UK without prepaid calling cards. With pennyphone you can easily override your mobile operator and make cheap international calls from your mobile. Check in our web the dialling code that better suits your calling plan.

Pleated Shades
Informational site about pleated shades, how to use them, what they are, where to buy them, etc. Everything about them.

Maxtrix Kids Furniture, USA. Stylish, Fun, Smart Furniture
Maxtrix USA, Kids Bedroom Furniture. One bed - a Gazillion possibilities. A twin bed, can become a daybed, captains bed, low loft, high loft and multiple bunk bed options. Stylish design, Fun for Play, Smart storage solutions.

Hot Tub Sale | Hot Tub For Sale | Hot Tub | Pool Spa | Jacuzzi
Hot tubs, jaccuzzis, home spas, and discount hot tub prices. Find hot tuc chemicals, covers, supplies and much, much more.

Home Theater Store - Christmas Gift Shopping
Find almost any type of home electronics product at discount prices. Offers a selection of the most popular home theater components, including HDTVs, HD-DVD players, DVRs, large screen TVs, receivers, speakers and much more.

Apartments For Rent | Cheap Apartment | Short Term Housing | Rent | Roommate
Find your next apartment home here.

Mattress Sale Online | Homes For Sale | Apartments | Dating Services | Chat Rooms
Find the best discount mattresses, deals, all mattress sizes and mattress sales. Find the best mattress pads at the best prices, the best brands in mattresses and much, much more.

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Town and Country Removals
We are specialists within the commercial & domestic sectors of the removal business, handling: office, industrial and home relocations of any size to any destination. Our experience spans over 20 years and we have built an enviable reputation.

Use your mobile to call abroad cheap or free
Now you can enjoy cheap phone calls abroad from your fix and mobile in the UK. Make free calls abroad from your mobile using inclusive minutes in O2 or Orange. You can also enjoy cheap international calls dialing from T-Mobile, Three, easyMobile, Virgin..

Recliner Chair Leather Massage Rocker Sofa in
CHINA-DoMyBest Furniture specialize in recliner chair and leather massage reclining sofa which are the ultimate in quality and comfort. Each recliner chair is customized to the cover, color, style and logo of your choice.

Contract Mobile Phone - Best Mobile Phone Deals on 3, O2, Orange : MobilePhone Shop UK
"Mobile phone shop uk offers cheap mobile phones, contract mobile phone deal and Best deals UK contract phone over the internet mobile shop and and get the latest mobile phones , mobile phone accessories and cheap mobile phones worldwide."

GPS Hacks - GPS information, GPS review, user guide and discussion forum.
GPS information, review, user’s guide and discussion forum. This site also provides Global Positioning System (GPS) tutorials and GPS model such as Garmin, Magellan, Tom tom reviews.

Game Boy Advance
Site with a lot of information about the game boy advance console, its games and more about it.

Home Security CCTV - Cheap Home Security
In this day and age home security and DIY CCTV is a booming industry. Home and small business owners are discovering the huge advantages and piece of mind that CCTV can bring.

Chai Tea and More
A chai and tea resource website. Find information on many teas as well as tea directories, forums, news, articles and reviews.

The Best Ice Cream Makers | Best Ice Cream Maker | Ice Cream Maker | Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker | Ice Cream Machine
The very best ice cream makers anywhere, brand name ice cream makers - everything you need to make delicious ice cream.

Beds for your bedroom
The Beds Bedroom website provides a ton of information about beds for your bedroom. In addition, you will find extensive information on leading beds for bedroom to help you on your way to success.

Vinyl Siding Prices
Find and compare vinyl siding prices and costs. Learn how to install vinyl siding, select from vinyl siding colors and types. Get quotes and estimates on vinyl siding and find contractors.

Vacuum Cleaner Sales
Vacuum cleaner sales for the widest selection of vaccum cleaners, upright vacuum cleaners, commercial vacuum cleaners, pool vacuum cleaners, canister vacuums and much more.

The Coolest Air Conditioners
For all your air conditioner needs, room air conditioners air conditioning repair, air conditioning systems, all types of brand name air conditioner whether small or large and more.

The Cleaningest Dish Washers
The cleaningest dishwashers, all the top dish washer brands, home appliances, dish washing soap, cookware and much more.

Kitchen Remodeling Gallery
Kitchen remodeling resources, kitchen cabinets, kitchen design and floorplans, kitchen island, hardware, kitchen sinks, faucets and other kitchen accessories and furniture.

Home Heating Oil Prices
Find and compare the cost of home heating oil. Meet your needs for home heating, find furnaces, heaters, heat pumps, insulation and much more.

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