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Literature is broadly defined as any written or spoken material, but the term most often refers to creative works. Literature includes poetry, drama, fiction, and many kinds of nonfiction writing, as well as oral, dramatic, and broadcast compositions not necessarily preserved in a written format, such as films and television programs. Literature is the art of written works. Literally translated, the word means "acquaintance with letters" (from Latin littera letter). In Western culture the most basic written literary types include fiction and non-fiction.
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Abecedarical Classics
Features classics of literature, mathematics, and science that can be read on-line for free. Books are organized by author and by topic. Many of these books are out of print and not available in many libraries. Includes a dictionary and thesaurus. Site ca

Official Website of Linda Weaver Clarke
The official website of Author Linda Weaver Clarke where short stories and sample chapters may be read: historical fiction, adventure, romance, and non-fiction. The books on this site are good Christian fiction.

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Educational Cooperative Approved Handwriting Worksheets - UpperCase and LowerCase Plus Lots Of Bonuses

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AnyManga is a directory and host of manga (comic books) for online reading. It is very easy to read manga in your Web browser (no downloading). AnyManga brings you manga releases on a daily basis. Comics by multiple authors, including "Full Metal Alchemis

Poèmes du Poète
Poèmes et je t aime de recueil de poésie. Des poésies, des poètes... le poème d amour la glace du poète R Bellon est le 1er poème au monde traduit en 150 langues, poésie hiéroglyphes et maya.

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Customer Guru Avinash Narula has written good books on Customer Satisfaction and Customer Retention. He is a prolific writer. His books are targeted towards Customer Satisfaction and Customer Retention. He has written many techniques to improve customer

Best Poems
Get Poem from all topics. Get Graduation Poems, Sorry Poems, Thank You Poems, Sorrow Poems & Poems on other topics.

Get all quotes and sayings from all topics. Get Graduation quotes, wisdom quotes & many more quotes.

Lot of Poems
Get Poems from all topics. Get Love Poems, Graduation Poems, Missing You Poems & many more poems on different topics.

Le poète r bellon presente des poemes d amour de ses recueils de poésie. Son poème la glace est le 1er poeme au monde traduit en 150 langues, notamment en hiéroglyphes et maya par des chercheurs du cnrs!

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How To Write an Essay
Included on this website are points to consider before writing your essay, tips to help with your essay, and other links that offer advice and examples.

How To Write an Essay
Included on this website are points to consider before writing your essay, tips to help with your essay, and other links that offer advice and examples.

Graduation Poems
A friendship poem will help you express things that you will never be able to express through verbal means. Some things are just meant to be written, rather than spoken, and friendship poems provide you with the finest medium of conveying them truly and c

Love And Life Poems
Providing articles, information about life poems, love and life poems, sad life poems.

Poems Contests
Providing articles, information above kids poems. Providing articles, information above kids poems. Providing articles, information above kids poems.

Plant Cells
Need to learn about Plant Cells? Shmoop makes learning more fun and relevant for students in the digital age. Find all the information you need to gain a better understanding of Plant Cells, from study guides, practice tests, and more. Why go anywhere els

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